PPE Wellbeing kits – The essentials.

Masks are now mandatory on public transport, gloves are a must for any task and hand gel is just common sense where there is no running water!

Fitter, engineer, tradesman, tradeswomen or site contractor – Fitters Wellbeing Kit

It is important to protect yourself and indeed those around you, guarding against the spread of Coronavirus and creating a second peak. The big issue is hand cleanliness and face covering.

wearing a mask not only guards what you breath in, but also what you breath in, and probably most important it stops you touching your nose or mouth.

PPE requirements

At Covipro we are passionate about ‘Total Protection’ of fellow men and have created the ‘Fitters Wellbeing Kit’ with well thought out content of PPE and sanitation products which are caring to your skin and assist in making sure you always have what you need to keep safe at work.

Packed in a handy size sports holdall, this is a must have addition to any work kit. The contents consist of

1 box/100 Large Nitrile and powder free gloves

1 pack/60 Antibacterial wipes

1 pack/10 general purpose 3 ply masks

2 100ml non-alcohol Hand Sanitiser

1 pair Safety spectacles

1 handy Covipro Stylus Pen (now you can get MacDonalds breakfast without touching the screen!)

50 Pairs overshoes

Getting kited up not only protects yourself, but it shows you care for others and you are taking responsibility in doing what you can to stop the spread of Covid19.

Household Wellbeing Kit

PPE for the members of public is a very important ‘new normal’ out and about shopping, walking or a trip to the doctors.

Doctors Surgerys and Puplic transports now insist a mask is worn, and gloves would be a good idea too.

Caring for your own wellbeing and protection against contracting the dreaded virus, as well as caring for others and respecting their concerns by wearing the correct PPE should be a fundamental way of life now.

Covipro household PPE and sanitation kit is the perfect box of goodies to give you the peace of mind that you have what you need for going out of the house.

The carefully thought out contents are:

10 pairs medium Nitrile gloves

10 general purpose 3 ply ear loop masks

1 pack/60 Antibacterial wipes

2 60ml Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

1 handy Covipro Stylus pen, assisting with touch free payments

PPE – Personal protection equipment

Stay Safe – Stay well – Stay protected…………..use PPE