Covilyte Mist Atomiser

Along with the game changing Covilyte disinfectant comes a revolutionary mist bottle.

Covilyte mist is a 185ml mist atomiser for the application of disinfectant effective in killing 99.995% of all pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Handy for….

Everything from a quick mist of a returned garment in a shop, a daily sanitation of a lorry, van or taxi, this is truly a must have for so many applications.


Save the planet Save the Ocean Be Seen To Be Green

This refillable bottle will be a friend for life, simply unscrew the top, fill it up its ready to kill more germs!

The fine mist is safe to inhale, can be used as a hand sanitiser, and is harmless to pets and plant life.

With a dwell time of 60 seconds, this is a must for any situation, giving peace of mind that you have a germ free environment

Unique Fine Mist Atomiser

No Harmful Gases

No Plastic Waste

Non – Toxic

Non – Irritant

Non Flammable

In fact it is EN certified for use as a disinfectant in drinking water!