We are here to help you.

Help you in providing products that maximise protection from the spread of Coronavirus, helping Britain get back on its feet.

Like our customers, we have Families, staff, premises, vehicles and customers that we need to use and interact with on a daily basis, for our wellbeing, wealth, health and general living and existence. In business to help businesses and all that makes them up, providing solutions to cater for everyday protection today, tomorrow and for the months and years to come, providing the protection is key to us all returning to the ‘new normal’ of life.

In business to help businesses do business and reignite our challenged economy!

With expert advice on hand for all the products we offer, giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with a trusted adviser on the subject of all things disinfectant, cleaning and testing.

Our team are only to glad to spend time explaining the ins and outs of the solutions we offer, providing ‘total protection’.

Covipro offer solutions to disinfection treatment that are safe, easy to use, highly effective and competitively priced, assisting businesses large and small across the UK and Europe in becoming Covid Secure.

We are helping companies in many sectors including:

Hospitality including Hotels, Restaurants, Holiday Parks and Holiday Homes 

Care Homes and Nursing Homes

Schools, Colleges and nursery schools

Transportation and Couriers

Leisure Centres and Gyms

Dental practice

Charity organisations

Quarry and Mining Industry


General commercial offices and warehouses

All these industries are proving the benefits of the products that Covipro offer, relying on us for fast despatch and technical backup, along with a friendly service.

Come on board and witness the ‘Covipro experience’ for your business, looking after all your protection needs.